Una bella signora vestita di rose ci guarda da oltre le Alpi ed ogni giorno ci propina qualcosa di nuovo, di buono o di brutto secondo le soggettive interpretazioni che il nostro cuore ci detta…..una fata? Una strega? Una buon’amica??? Il suo lungo abito termina laggiù dove, tra le onde del mar Mediterraneo, uno stivale dal nome Italia, si intravede sotto il suo meraviglioso vestito rosato…Ha nome Europa e tanti sono i momenti difficili che abbiamo superato con lei al fianco… Si è vero… Continua a leggere »

Borgo Val di Taro PR
Cimitero del capoluogo
Commemorazione 30° della Morte di Lauro Grossi.
Nato a Vignale di Traversetolo nel 1932, passò l’infanzia e l’adolescenza con la famiglia a Borgotaro. Dopo la laurea in Economia e Commercio conseguita presso l’Università di Parma, cominciò a lavorare come rappresentante di commercio, dapprima per la Pavesi, quindi per la Faema e, infine, per la Salvarani di cui divenne dirigente e direttore commerciale per l’Italia. Appassionato di ciclismo, entrò nel gruppo sportivo aziendale di cui fu dirigente. L'esperienza maturata gli permise in seguito di ricoprire ruoli di responsabilità anche all'interno della Federazione Ciclistica Italiana di cui fu per un periodo commissario straordinario. Colpito da un primo attacco cardiaco nell'agosto 1978, ne subì un secondo nel 1988 e infine un terzo - fatale - il 3 giugno 1989, durante un'infuocata riunione politica della federazione socialista parmense. Alla sua memoria è stato intitolato il centro atletico federale della città ducale.
Si iscrisse nel 1964 al PSI e fu dapprima consigliere comunale (1972-1978) e assessore al personale (1973-1975) del comune di Borgo Val di Taro. Trasferitosi a Parma nel 1978, lì continuò la sua attività politica, candidandosi come capolista socialista alle elezioni amministrative del 1980 dove ottenne quasi 1800 voti di preferenza. Il consiglio comunale lo elesse quindi sindaco di Parma, incarico in cui fu riconfermato nel 1985 e che poi mantenne fino alla morte, avvenuta nel 1989 a soli 57 anni. Durante il suo mandato, nel 1986, fu istituito il "Premio Sant'Ilario" che ogni anno celebra coloro che si sono distinti nella vita sociale e culturale cittadina.
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Borgo Val di Taro PR
Biblioteca Manara
Presentazione del diario di Luigi Battistini, “1943-1945. La mia prigionia”, a cura di Francesco Jacomelli.
Con esposizione di disegni originali e foto dei suoi più importanti lavori nelle chiese di Baselica, Boschetto di Albareto, San Quirico e Isola di Compiano. Continua a leggere »

Borgo Val di Taro PR
Parrocchia di San Rocco
Messa con Recita Natale 2018

Is Antivirus Computer software Still Required?

Final week I talked about Vipre , and now I determined to go with something diverse, not that mainstream. In practice, it implies that the malware databases the software program relies upon are stored consistently up to date, assisting to protect all its customers, while producing both paid-for and free of charge versions a lot more precise. Kaspersky Complete Security has it all for people who want much more than just excellent malware detection.

General I was impressed by this program but the virus detection fee and removal are only honest and I would not believe in this plan alone to protect my Computer. Avast Antivirus Organization 18.five and 18.six could have had a excellent score with just a slight improvement on performance and safety.

Other features include identity protection even though surfing the internet, Computer optimization and tune-up, file backup and restore, as properly as parental handle alternatives. For this reason, everyone need to have some antivirus computer software installed on their techniques.

With its virtually excellent scores across the board, Kaspersky Endpoint Protection continues its run in the top tier of anti-malware goods. Every person demands to make certain that their PCs are risk-free from internet based threats so that there is no malfunctioning of the technique, reduction of information or privacy.

Trend Micro’s OfficeScan 12. was one of just three software options to get ideal scores in ‘s July and August, 2017, evaluations of top safety remedies. Pure anti-virus safety is a hundred% guaranteed – which includes everlasting updates and cloud scans for improved heuristics towards new, previously unknown viruses.

But if you want to cover more than just Windows PCs, or if Bitdefender doesn’t have a distinct attribute you were hoping for, then be certain to examine out the rest of our manual to the greatest antivirus software program in 2019. Any Mac operating Windows (by way of Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion or Oracle’s VirtualBox) will need Windows security safety.

Its antivirus scanner requires care of most kinds of malware, which includes virus, worm, trojan, ransomware, and so forth. All in all, the safety computer software is 1 of the best packages that can assist you to defend the two virtual and bodily endpoints and that also for free.

If you have an older Computer with much less than 1GB of RAM and a single Pentium processor, protection computer software can slow down your Computer. In this situation, you will want to appear for the greatest antivirus application that utilises the fewest resources.

In August of 2016, the Bitdefender was in contrast with twenty other antivirus packages below a set of managed conditions. Comodo Free Antivirus appeals to each tech-savvy and ‘just currently being cautious’ Computer users. Relating to antiviruses, there are a plethora of logical options.

On the other hand, he saves himself the expense of operating and keeping the spam filters and antivirus packages, does not have to be concerned about updates and can resort to the know-how of professionals when required. Just as indicated by its title, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Safety is designed with an ambition to provide a plus” degree of protection at the price which can simply beat its rivals.

Avira, amid AV-TEST’s top-rated anti-virus plans, has the particular exact same scores for April-even so marginally larger scores in previous months, consequently its total score is (for some cause) a lot greater. Bottom Line: TotalAV Crucial Antivirus contains the true-time protection part missing from its free of charge edition, but even with that attribute restored it isn’t going to score properly in testing.

Heuristic scanner: Analyses files for essential structures that match these of viruses. For that, you need to have to make sure that your antivirus plan is up to date. Check out whether or not the antivirus is also capable of taking care of malware. Virus signature database can be really effectively up to date with no paying out a charge for it. Unluckily these free versions are nonetheless meant for personalized and non-commercial use only.

Kaspersky’s virus merchandise have won tons of awards more than the years, and Kaspersky Complete Safety performed flawlessly in AV Comparatives’ test. Many protection companies and antivirus vendors give cost-free versions of their antivirus plans for home PCs.

AVG is very good to use, and you could think about employing Kaspersky’s Trial Edition in which all attributes are obtainable to you for 30 days to assist clean up your program. More so, when other free of charge signature antivirus computer software will annoy you with blinkering ads, and pop-ups, MSE just go on undertaking fine providing you ease of thoughts to do your stuff on an environmentally pleasant display or check.

Avira scans all files as they are accessed, in the split 2nd just before they are opened and have the Compaq nc6000 adapter likelihood to infect your software program also incorporates advanced technologies that protects from the constantly modifying virus even though the software didnt offer you some hassle-free functions (like a silent gamer mode) that other people have, the effectiveness is 2nd to none.

For the personal computer with internet connection, the virus database is instantly up to date even several times in a day. Online scan companies allow for elimination of rootkits, spyware and other threats in addition to virus infections. Other protection equipment, like protected banking or social media scanning, aren’t available with this version of Trend Micro, but are incorporated, along with parental controls and a private firewall, with Trend Micro’s Maximum Protection software program.

To ensure that your personal computer program do not get access to files which have viruses, it is recommended to have cloud antivirus safety put in. Eliminate XP Antimalware 2011 Antivirus manually. Antiviruses can also carry out automatic updates. The free of charge antivirus download selection can also be advantageous to end users who are not able to afford to acquire the paid subscription.

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Borgo Val di Taro PR
Parrocchia di San Rocco.
Messa del Volontariato 2018


Tra gli anelli dei suoi cent’anni, l’abete racconta la sua storia……
E’ una storia di guerra e di pace sotto quelle fronde protettrici e conservatrici di un tempo lontano dove tutto era più semplice e trascorreva tranquillo lassù sulle rive del torrente. Continua a leggere »

Il 25 aprile 2018 al Borgo
La ricorrenza del 25 aprile, festa della Liberazione, ha visto come ogni anno la partecipazione numerosa di persone giunte anche da fuori. Continua a leggere »

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